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Healthcare professionals and physician-scientists are lifelong learners and are required to complete a determined number of CE credits within their specialty each year. The staff of Einstein-Montefiore CCPD coordinates grand rounds (RSS), workshops, seminars, and conferences nationally and internationally. Additionally, CCPD provides print and web-based enduring educational activities.

All educational activities undergo a content review by an Einstein-Montefiore CCPD-designated peer reviewer and the center itself to ensure that educational content is fair-balanced, evidence-based, scientifically rigorous, and free of commercial bias.

The overall objective of the Einstein-Montefiore CCPD is to provide a comprehensive and far-reaching continuing interprofessional education program that delivers measurable positive changes in participants' knowledge, competence, performance, and behavior to continually improve quality and safety of care delivered by the healthcare team that results in improved patient care.

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Continuing Education (CE) Activities

Activity Types

Live Course

A live course is a live activity where learners participate in real time. A live course is planned as an individual event. A live course can either be classified as an in-person event or live-streamed via an online platform.  Examples include an annual meeting, a one-off conference, or seminar. 

Source: ACCME Definition of Live Course

Enduring Material

An enduring material is an on-demand activity that does not have a specific time or location designated for participation; rather, the participant determines whether and when to complete the activity. The content can be accessed at any point during the lifespan of the activity and there is no specific time designated for participation. Examples include online interactive educational modules, recorded presentations, printed materials, and podcasts. 

Source: ACCME Definition of Enduring Material

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Regularly scheduled series (RSS) is a live activity planned as a series with multiple sessions, offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It is primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization's professional staff and generally targets the same audience. A maximum of 52 events are offered within a 12-month period. Examples include grand rounds, tumor boards, and morbidity and mortality conferences.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Live activities where the same content is offered multiple times for different audiences are considered separate live courses and not RSS. 

Source: ACCME Definition of Regularly Scheduled Series

Journal-Based CE

A journal based activity is planned and presented by an accredited provider and in which the learner reads one or more articles from a peer-reviewed professional journal. For example, a provider produces a journal that contains an article that is associated with an activity.?Learners read the article, reflect on the content, and complete questions related to the content of the article.?The learners spend one hour on this activity and earn one hour’s worth of CE Credit.

Source: ACCME Definition of Journal CME/CE

Blended Learning

The other/blended learning activity format is used for hybrid, new, or unique approaches that do not fall into one of the established activity types. Providers must identify these activities as other/blended learning in the AMA credit designation statement, in the credit designation statement, and in documentation given to learners (certificates, transcripts, etc.). The inclusion of this activity format allows educators to deploy new technologies such as simulation, adaptive e-learning, virtual reality, gamification, and social media into their medical education approaches.

Source: ACCME Definition of Other/Blended Learning


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